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Volunteer Opportunities At The Utah Figure Skating Club

Supporting Club Hosted Events (Copper Cup & Ice Shows)

Hallway and Locker Room Show Coordinator  ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Talk with the ice show director as to the flow of the show and their intentions for skaters' whereabouts when not on the ice.
• Train volunteers during the dress rehearsal night.
• Prepare signs for locker room assignments.
• Supervise and staff hallways and locker rooms for both shows including preparing skaters to take the ice and necessary costume changes.
• Assure that locker rooms are cleaned up after each use.
• Assist skaters so that costumes are hung up properly after each use and returned to the show director after the final performance.

Props and Set Up Coordinator

• Schedule and preside over props meeting. Recruit additional club parents/guardians to assist.
• Talk with the ice show director as to their intentions and preferences for the use of props.
• Present potential budget needs to the Board for approval in advance of all purchases.
• Create decorations in accordance with the theme and direction of the ice show director.
• Decorate screens, hallways, lobby, stairwell, and ice perimeter.
• Recruit membership families to help at work sessions.
• Schedule all props teams for the show setup and tear down.

Costume Closet Coordinator/Committee Members 

• Coordinate annual costume/skating apparel sale.
• Maintain an inventory of all costumes owned by the club.
• Maintain a check-out system for club members to utilize costumes for competition or performance use.
• Arrange for any cleaning of costumes using parent volunteers.
• Meet with the ice show director to discuss any requests or expectations for show costumes and make-up.
• Recommend a budget of anticipated costume expenses to the Board for approval at the January meeting.
• Select and order all costumes needed for the ice show. Arrange for any individual costume sewing needs or alterations.
• Arrange for fitting/alterations of costumes when received.
• Arrange for make-up to be applied to cast members with skater preferences. Purchase make-up as needed with Board approval.
• Coordinate with the Treasurer for payment of costume order. 

Announcing/Music Coordinator

• Co-ordinates and schedules a team of announcers and volunteers.
• Insures equipment and materials are available, installed and in good operating order.
• Works with governing bodies to insure compliance with competition rules and requirements.

Awards Coordinator  ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Presents possible award selections (medals/ribbons/trophies) to the UFSC board for approval.
• Coordinates with the Treasurer to purchase awards.
• Coordinates a team of volunteers to distribute awards to event winners.
• Keeps trophy case organized, clean & adds trophies as needed
• Updates any club accomplishment signage.

First-Aid/Medical Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Provides medical treatment to skaters during competitions and Events
• Recruit medical volunteers as needed to ensure that competitions and events are covered.

Judge Hospitality Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Secures food and supplies for the Judges' hospitality area.
• Co-ordinates a team to keep the hospitality area maintained.
• Ensures that the area is cleaned and equipment is stored away.
• Secures food and supplies for other possible hospitality areas

Ice Monitors ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Must be at Rink side during the session. If unable to be in attendance for the session, will be responsible to find coverage for the ice monitor shift.
• Monitor all skaters entering the ice for practice ice, warm up and competition.
• Sign in Drop in skaters
• Take attendance, keep track of the number of sessions used by skaters, and monitor attendance on sessions to ensure capacity.
• Watches the ice and skaters to promote safety and prevent accidents
• Assist parents with questions and concerns
• Share information on upcoming events with skating attendees and changes as provided by the board.
• Provide designated board members with any feedback, concerns or questions that require further assistance or follow up.
• Assist the show chair day of the show by lining skaters up and instructing when they should go on ice.

Competition Marshalls & Messengers ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Running judge sheets from judges to the official accountant’s room and posting final results.
• Serves as a running for any needed area during Copper Cup.

Practice Ice Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Processes practice ice requests
• Tracks payments
• Prepares practice ice schedule.
• Monitors ice usage to prevent overbooking of skaters or ice time.
• Provides staffing during copper cup practice ice sessions.

Show and Competition Program Creation Director 

• Determine total number of programs needed with the ice show chair for shows.
• Works with the Copper Cup committee to determine the number of programs needed for the Copper Cup.
• Present information for program needs to board at least 60 days before a show and Copper Cup.
• Directs a team to design, layout and print competition programs.
• Coordinates with the registrar for published skating schedules.
• Coordinates with Fundraising, Advertising chairperson, and other committees as needed for information to include in the programs.
• Create, arrange to print programs and coordinate with the Treasurer for payment.
• If selling programs as a fundraiser during a show, coordinate the flower and balloon sales person.

Registrar ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Receives and Processes entries.
• Distributes competitor information as needed to support Cooper Cup.
• Works with Show and Competition Program Creation Director.
• Prepare report of Cooper Cup entries and present report to the board of directors at the board meeting following Copper Cup.

Registration Desk  ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Check in arriving skaters, coaches, and chaperones for competition.
• Verify and/or distribute credentials

Event Security ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Coordinates a team responsible for ensuring sufficient manpower to maintain access-controlled areas of the venue.
• Handles skaters/parents/coaches that are disruptive to the event.


• Picking up judges from the airport and transporting judges and officials between hotel and competition venue as needed.
• Coordinates with the volunteer coordinator to ensure proper man power to facilitate transportation of judges and officials.

Vendor Coordinator 

• Locates and negotiates contracts with vendors that are present at our shows and competitions.
• Works with the show director, South Davis Recreation Center and Copper Cup Committee to determine vendor locations.
• Ensure payments are received.

Ticket Sales Manager

• Determine total number of tickets needed with ice show chair. Present information to board at least 60 days before the show.
• Create and arrange for printing of show tickets.
• Supply additional advanced tickets as necessary.
• Distribute tickets to skaters.
• Schedule box office
• Arrange for ticket sales day of show
• Collect tickets and money from tickets sales
• Coordinate with the treasurer for payment to the printer and for the needed cash box.
• Collect envelopes with payments and any remaining tickets at the dress rehearsal.
• Provide the treasurer with advanced ticket sales payments.
• Work in box office day of show, serve as host/hostess taking tickets
• Recruit and train two parents to sell tickets and programs starting one hour prior to each show.
• Prepare a report of tickets sold and present to board.

Dress Rehearsal Meal Coordinator

• Contact several vendors (pizza, subs, etc.) and secure the best menu and price.
• Coordinate with parents a menu if parents are providing meals.
• Determine any special dietary needs and arrange for those individuals' meals.
• Coordinate with the treasurer for payment to the vendors.
• Prior to the dress rehearsal, confirm with the vendors about approximate amounts needed and delivery or pickup time.
• Purchase beverages and any needed paper ware if not provided by the vendor.
• Set up tables and chairs for skaters to use.

Gifts Coordinator

• Present gifts ideas to the board with cost.
• Purchases, wraps, and tags gifts of judges and officials during the Copper Cup.
• Purchases and/or seeks donated materials for skater's goodie bags.
• Arranges for filling of the bags, and delivery to the competition venue prior to opening.


Supporting Club Communication

Advertising Coordinator 

• Create, arrange to print, and coordinate distribution of show posters. Allow the ice show chair to proof and approve all posters prior to printing.
• Train, supervise, and staff table for good luck ads. Publish hours of sales through signage and publicity chair.
• Secure all ice show participant signatures for the program.
• Create the show program and share with the ice show director and 1-2 board members for proofreading.
• Solicit printing companies for best price and order programs, number to be determined by the Board.
• Ask for Board approval on ordering posters, signage and programs.
• Contact local businesses, facebook and instagram pages to share the posters for 1-2 weeks prior to the ice show.
• Contact local Radio and arrange 1-2 public service announcements prior to the ice show.
• Coordinate with the treasurer for payment to the printer.
• Make signs for the tickets/program sales table.

Technical Writer

• Write, edit, and submit an article about UFSC’s annual ice shows to the local newspapers, TV news channels, local morning shows and relevant Instagram accounts.
• Write and edit the script used for the ice show per the Director’s discretion.
• Creation and formatting of documents, including registration forms, for online posting

Publicity Coordinator

• Present a positive image of the UFSC via Facebook and the club’s web page in a timely manner.
• Maintain the club’s calendar on the webpage.
• Update private coach bios on the webpage and printed version on the club bulletin board.
• Respond to any Facebook messages on the club’s behalf.
• Post prepared flyers for any club events including recruiting events, competition seminars, holiday exhibition, and the ice show.
• Post pictures and results from competitions as provided by the competition chair.
• Recruit volunteers to act as reporters/photographers during shows, competitions and events.
• Work with Newsletter Coordinator, Advertising coordinator, technical writer and various committees as needed to positively promote UFSC.

Newsletter Editor

• Responsible for putting together a UFSC newsletter to be distributed to all club members, available on the UFSC website, and posted at South Davis Recreation Center.
• The newsletter should include the following types of things: Past Competition Information – Skaters entered, how they did Upcoming Competition and Events Upcoming Club Events (Calendar) New/Changed UFSC relevant news, A Skater Profile section – Choose a member of the club and provide interesting facts & information.
• Help build visibility of who our club is and what our members are about.
• Work with various groups within the club to acquire content for the club newsletter.

Social Media Coordinator

• Responsible for supporting social media efforts for all Club programs and events.
• Social media engagement through consistent postings and interactions across all club social media platforms.
• Capturing various content to support various creative marketing and promotional elements within the Club.
• Work with coaches, various committees and groups within the club for content and support.
• Support Club’s multiple social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram through content generation, staging and scheduling.
• Facilitate ongoing social media engagement through posts, likes, comments and other various interactions across all platforms.
• Assistance with content generation and creation for social media, including creative marketing and promotional efforts within the Club, its membership and program offerings.


• Continuous job to manage technological communications among club members.
• Directs a team to continuously update/freshen website content.
• Works with Publicity, Advertising, Technical writer, Newsletter and Sponsorship coordinator as needed to ensure proper website content.


Supporting Club Fundraising 

Fundraising Chair 

• Work to establish fundraising opportunities that would benefit the members and enhance the needs and offerings of the UFSC.
• Present fundraising ideas to the Board for approval.
• Coordinate 1-2 fundraisers per year.
• Recruit club parents/guardians as needed to facilitate fundraisers.
• Advertise fundraising events in as many ways as applicable (signage, newspapers, social media, radio and through the advertising coordinator).
• Work with the ice show chair and advertising coordinator on soliciting sponsorships for the ice show program.
• Write and distribute sponsorship letters for ice shows. Contact the Treasurer for any postage needed.
• Follow-up with potential sponsors and collect sponsorships.
• Advise advertising coordinator of any sponsorships to be noted in the show program.
• Coordinate thank you’s to be sent or delivered to sponsors.

Flowers and Balloon Sales Chair

• Coordinate flower sales with local florists and/or source from Costco and other retailers. Inquire as to any seasonal specials that may be available.
• Submit proposed flower cost for Board approval 15 days prior to show.
• Distribute order forms to skaters/families for pre-orders, collect orders/money
• Coordinate with the treasurer for payment to the florist and cash box needed for sales.
• places flower order
• Purchase flower wrap if needed.
• Establish selling prices for flowers and make appropriate signs.
• Arrange for committee members to work day of show
• Train and supervise volunteers working at flower stand during shows and competitions.
• Prepare a report of sales activity and submit it to the board.


Supporting Club Parties

Year-end Party Coordinator

• Secure a date with Board approval for the annual meeting to be held in June.
• Seek Board approval for any expenses to cover the event. This is to be a fun and social event for the skaters to participate in an activity while the parents meet.
• The skaters will also receive any earned badges from the membership coordinator.
• Provide the publicity coordinator and president with details for publication.

Small event coordinator  ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Coordinate/plan a party, pizza night, parent meeting, educational session, etc
• Works with junior board to plan certain events
• Supports various committees as needed to ensure successful events


Supporting Other Club Needs

Junior Club Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Serves as a mentor to the members of the Junior Club
• Organize activities and fund-raising with the Junior Club.
• Oversees and guides Junior Club board of directors meetings.

Recognition Coordinator

• Develops and operates recognition program for and volunteers skaters

Volunteer Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• As a Volunteer Chair, you will mainly be responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers for UFSC Events.
• You will be delegating responsibilities to volunteers and training selected people for their future position.
• Source and recruit volunteers using different recruiting various techniques.
• Collect information on qualifications and skills of parents.
• Manage schedules for events
• Assign responsibilities as appropriate
• Communicate frequently with volunteers
• Ensure volunteers are satisfied by creating a healthy working environment
• Keep and manage records of volunteers’ information and work
• Track volunteers work
• Coordinate with volunteers ensuring SafeSport Compliance and Background checks (as required) are completed.

Summer Camp Coordinator ♦ Must be SKATESAFE Certified

• Work with the club president to research and recommend a camp director and additional staff for Board approval.
• Work with the club treasurer to prepare a camp budget for Board approval.
• Work with the president and technical writer in creating the camp registration form.
• Work with publicity coordinator and advertising coordinator for webpage and social media publications.
• Recommend to the Board a gift for campers to receive upon registration (blanket, water bottle, etc).
• Approve any art designs with the Board and order camper sweatshirts.
• Recruit parent volunteers to register campers, prepare/purchase and serve all meals and snacks.
• purchase or make camper awards as needed.


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