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The Gear

The basic equipment you require for figure skating are boots, blades and comfortable warm clothing.

The Essential items


Figure Skates

Blade Guards (aka "Hard Guards")

Soakers & Towel

Bag / Suitcase

Choosing a Skating bag can be hard a hard choice. Wither you are looking for a specific look, functionality, size, or weight, there is a bag for you. When shopping for a bag there are several key things you should consider.

The shape
A lot of bags have the shape of a triangle to fit the ice skates. Is it a good idea? That depends on if you are carrying other things in your bag such as clothes, a water bottle, a towel and so on (and chances you will). So, you want a bit more space than just for your skates.
Think about all you want to transport in your bag and choose one that can hold all. If you have plans to go to competitions later, will you need something that can expand to hold more items

How you carry the bag
There are three main designs out their Backpacks, shoulder bags and bags on wheels. Each one has its pros and cons. Carrying it on one shoulder might not be good for your back, especially if you have lots of items in your bag.

Backpacks work great if you are in large cities where wheeled bags would just get in the way.

However wheeled bags allow you to carry more items with less impact on you physically.

The frame
Check out how the bag holds itself when empty - is there a good framing, is the material thick enough.
The better it stands on its own, the more it will protect your skates.

The ventilation
If your skates stay a long time inside the bag, then it is better to choose a bag with an aeration grid (mesh), so that the air flows inside and moisture does not stay.
However, it is always better to take them out of the bag as soon as possible so that they dry. Remember rust is not a skate’s friend.

No matter what bag you decide to go with, keep it simple. If you have an old carryon suitcase laying around the home, that works great. Just remember to open the bag up when you get home to air out the skates.




Other Items to consider

  • Bag to take out on the ice to the boards with tissues, water, gloves, lip balm, extra hair ties and clips.
  • Small notebook and pen or pencil.
  • Healthy snack.
  • Hip and / or tailbone pads.
  • Extra knee-high socks or practice tights.
  • Extra laces for your skates.
  • Gel tubing sleeves - only use if ankles need the extra layer so they don't hurt in your ice skates.
  • Wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.
  • Helmet / headgear / head guard / cushioned stocking cap - something to protect your head.
  • ‚ÄčA spare outfit in which you can skate comfortably and safely in case you arrive in non-skating clothes by accident someday.
  • Gloves or mittens.
  • A jacket.
  • Refillable water bottle.
  • Small sewing kit with extra safety pins.
  • Extra hair ties and clips to keep your hair back and secure. brush or comb.
  • Payment for your sessions
  • Multitool - for tightening skates or other items and check to see that your screwdriver matches the style of the screws in your blade
  • For older girls a pouch with items for their period.


Maintaining your Gear




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