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Mika Lawson  - President

Job Descriptions:
It shall be the duty of the president to take charge of the club; to preside at all meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors. The president shall be responsible for the entire supervision and management of the club and its property, pending the action of the Board of Directors; have the power to suspend any member for violating the bylaws or regulations of the club, pending the approval of the Board; and may call special meetings.

Other specific duties include:
• Ensuring the club’s goals and mission are being supported by the board
• Working with appropriate members to oversee the budget and club’s finances
• Leading the board during and outside board meetings

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Mike & Kristy Rogers  - Vice President(s)

Job Descriptions:
It shall be the duty of the vice president to assist the president in the discharge of his/her duties and in the president’s absence to assume his/her duties and officiate in his/her stead.

Other specific duties include:
• Lead board meetings if president is absent
• Support the president in strategic planning

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Sandy Ventilla - Secretary

Job Descriptions:
It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep the minutes of the meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors and supervise all reports.

Other specific duties include:
• Supervise correspondence of the club
• Prepare and issue notices
• Reserve rooms for all meetings of the club and Board of Directors
• Responsible for club handbook updates
• Notify U.S. Figure Skating of club officer and board changes

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Don Lyman - Treasurer

Job Descriptions:
The treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the club and shall keep a record of all receipts and disbursements and render a written report when requested by the president or Board of Directors.

Other specific duties include:
• Pay out reimbursements
• Keep track of checkbook
• Report to president on finances
• Be responsible for handling tax issue of club or for finding a resource to handle these issues
• Help in the budgeting process for the club and present to the board for approval
• Help provide a checks and balance system for the club’s finances
• Make bank deposits and do all bank dealings
• Understand nonprofit organization financial accounting
• Attend board meetings and report monthly

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Dawn Flynn - SkateSafe Compliance Chair

Job Descriptions:
Ensures the club compliant with current SkateSafe policies and procedures, serves as the club’s primary SkateSafe contact for U.S. Figure Skating and oversees the implementation of educational programs for all club members, their parents/guardians and coaches. In addition, the SkateSafe Compliance Chair performs other functions as necessary to fulfill U.S. Figure Skating’s continuing efforts to foster a safe, healthy and positive environment for its members and all participants.

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Rebecca Hayes - Membership Chair

It shall be the responsibility of the membership chair to handle all applications for membership to the club.

Other specific duties include:
• Update address changes for club members
• Distribute information to prospective members
• Handle the yearly membership drive

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Jennie Stephens - Event Coordinator

Job Descriptions:
It shall be the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to ensure that events being sponsored by the club are sanctioned, if necessary. This includes competitions and performances.

-- US Figure Skating,  Sample Club Board Job Descriptions

Cindy Thompson - Volunteer Coordinator

Job Descriptions:
• As a Volunteer Chair, you will mainly be responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers for UFSC Events.
• You will be delegating responsibilities to volunteers and training selected people for their future position.
• Source and recruit volunteers using different recruiting various techniques.
• Collect information on qualifications and skills of parents.
• Manage schedules for events
• Assign responsibilities as appropriate
• Communicate frequently with volunteers
• Ensure volunteers are satisfied by creating a healthy working environment
• Keep and manage records of volunteers’ information and work
• Track volunteers work
• Coordinate with volunteers ensuring SafeSport Compliance and Background checks (as required) are completed.

Rebecca Hayes - Fundraising Chair

Rebecca Hayes & Michael Roberts - Copper Cup Chair

Job Descriptions:
•  Organize and Facilitate Capper Cup Committee meetings
•  Work with USFS referee to organize the event
•  Update Utah FSC board with all details 
•  Coordinate with Rink Location details of the event and ensure space has been reserved 
•  Ensure marketing communications are sent out 

Kelsey Ward - Spring Show Coordinator

Job Descriptions:

Kelsey Ward - Jr. Board Advisor

Job Descriptions:
• Serves as a mentor to the members of the Junior Club
• Organize activities and fund-raising with the Junior Club.
• Oversees and guides Junior Club board of directors meetings.

♦♦ Vacant Position ♦♦ - Test Chair 

Job Descriptions:
It shall be the responsibility of the test chair for the planning, executing and reporting of each test session.

Michael Roberts - Technology Services

Job Descriptions:
• Manage technological communications among club members.
• Directs a team to continuously update/freshen website content.
• Works with Publicity, Advertising, Technical writer, Newsletter, Sponsorship coordinator and Social Media coordinator as needed to ensure proper website content.
• Maintains club Google Workspace, Email permissions, tech related system the club uses
• Main club point of contact for club software (Uplifter Inc) communications 
• Manages domain and DNS services

Cindy Thompson - Social Media Coordinator

Job Descriptions:
• Responsible for supporting social media efforts for all Club programs and events.
• Social media engagement through consistent postings and interactions across all club social media platforms.
• Capturing various content to support various creative marketing and promotional elements within the Club.
• Work with coaches, various committees and groups within the club for content and support.
• Support Club’s multiple social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram through content generation, staging and scheduling.
• Facilitate ongoing social media engagement through posts, likes, comments and other various interactions across all platforms.
• Assistance with content generation and creation for social media, including
• creative marketing and promotional efforts within the Club, its membership and program offerings.

Monica Adams - Shop Manger

Job Descriptions:

Anna Nielsen - Camp Coordinator

Job Descriptions:
• Work with the club president to research and recommend a camp director and additional staff for Board approval.
• Work with the club treasurer to prepare a camp budget for Board approval.
• Work with the president and technical writer in creating the camp registration form.
• Work with publicity coordinator and advertising coordinator for webpage and social media publications.
• Recommend to the Board a gift for campers to receive upon registration (blanket, water bottle, etc).
• Approve any art designs with the Board and order camper sweatshirts.
• Recruit parent volunteers to register campers, prepare/purchase and serve all meals and snacks,
• Purchase or make camper awards as needed.

♦♦ Vacant Position ♦♦ - Competition Team Coordinator

Job Descriptions:











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