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Thank you for being willing to help our club!


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How can you help the Club?

There are many ways that you can help the Club. For starters we always need help with Copper Cup and our ice shows. We have a list job roles that we could use your help with. To see a list of available  positions visit the Volunteer sign-up page.



There are so many was you can volunteer here at the club. We need help with events, fundraisers, club parties, end of year dinner, photography, become a Club Board Member. we even have position that you can do from home. Honestly if you find some way that you can put your skills and talents to work and help the club talk to the Volunteer Coordinator to see how you can help. 


Member Volunteer Requirement

Utah Figure Skating Club asks that each family supports the club with volunteer service each season. Volunteer service is critical to the success of the club as it is the core mechanism for running the club. We are always looking for help in any way possible, everything from supporting Copper Cup, Club Shows, test sessions, Banquets, Club ice and anything else you might think of that could benefit our skaters and club. Look for volunteer sign-ups by email or you can view our volunteer signup list to see how you can help.

Volunteer requirement for families who have members at multiple membership levels is determined on the highest membership level.

Membership level Annual Requirement

Copper Cup

Total Hours

Part Year Requirement
(If club member after Jan 1st)

Full Member (Under 18/Non-voting)




Parent Partner (Voting) - - - 10
Additional Family 20 - 20 10
Intro/First Year (non-voting) 10 - 10 5
Collegiate (4 years/voting) 5 - 5 5
Special Needs 20 - 20 10
Skaters 2nd Club (non-voting) 15 - 15 8
Skating Professionals/Officials (Voting) - - - -
UFSC Coaches - - - -
Lifetime Exempt (Voting) - - - -


Member Volunteer Hour Buy-out

We understand that some families can be busy doing other things and are not able to volunteer. The club dose allow members the option to donate money in leu of performing the required volunteer hours.

 $10  = 1 Volunteer Hour



For a list of Volunteer Roles and job descriptions visit

Custom Volunteer Hour Tracking

Did you recently volunteer your time helping at a club activity, event or meeting? First off Thank You for supporting our Club.
Second, please fill out this form so that your family household can get credit for your time. 

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